Welcome to Blends Tea!

Welcome to BLENDS Tea!

  • Coco-Choco


    Chocolate, white chocolate and coconut, need we say more? This is simply a chocolate lover’s dream. A surprise of coconut slivers is added to help tame the rich, velvety texture of this tea. Well, at least it tries to!
  • Luxurious Lime

    Luxurious Lime

    The delicate mixture of green and white tea leaves found in Luxurious Lime create a delicious harmony for your senses. With real pieces of coconut, marigold blossom petals and some lime zest, this exciting mixture will tease your tastebuds in all the right ways.
  • Sweet Peach

    Sweet Peach

    All you need to do to fall in love with this tea is open the bag and let your senses overwhelm you. The scent of vanilla flavored caramel, combined with fresh ripe peaches over a warm skillet will make you weak at the knees. We probably should have told you to sit down first!
  • Mango Magic

    Mango Magic

    Add one part mango, one part pineapple and just a dash of strawberry and orange and your mouth will be eager for this magical equation. This mango centric blend is such a treat that the flavors may linger on the edge of your tongue and mind for days! We call that Mango Magic!
  • Orange Waves

    Orange Waves

    Leap into a wild sea of taste sensations as you wash down with Orange Waves. Its calm waves of orange and vanilla will splash against your taste buds as you happily drift off into flavor country. Just watch out for sharks and mermaids!
  • Banana Coconut Medley

    Banana Coconut Medley

    If they can put a lime in the coconut and drink it all up, why not a banana? Mixing the divine tropical flavors of coconut and banana, this tea will have your stress melt away as your tastebuds savour this delicious fruit blend. Enjoy this tropical mix whenever you need a break from the office.